What Is Onsite Warranty Means For A Laptop | Onsite vs Offsite

You might have heard the term Onsite Warranty before. It’s a popular marketing strategy used by a lot of laptop manufacturers companies to increase customer belief toward the product.

But the problem is, most of people don’t know what actually onsite warranty means and how can I claim it.

It term is mainly used for electronics items mainly laptops. Most companies provide onsite warranty of 1,2 or 3-year to attract people to buy their product.

So today I am going to explain to you what onsite warranty actually is and how it works for your benefit. Read this article to learn about onsite warranty, its pros and cons and how you can take advantage of it!

What is Onsite Warranty Meaning

onsite warranty means

Onsite Warranty is a service that provides customers with warranty coverage when the product is purchased from a retailer. The service is offered by retailers on a product So, that if you product got damaged or defective you will get free repair/replace.

In simple terms Onsite warrant means the company will repair your laptop at your location by visiting at your home.

A technician from there side visit at your location to resolve your query.

What is the process for getting a laptop repaired through onsite warranty?

process of onsite warranty for laptop

If you get onsite warrant for a laptop and you wan to claim it then it is a very simple process. Just look at you warranty card you will get the customer care no. and call then the will ask you the Laptop Serial No and issue you are facing.

Let then know the issue you are facing in your laptop and they will run a diagnostic test on your laptop to find problem. If they found some issue with hardware then technician visit within 2-3 days at your doorstep and replace the faulty part.

If still the problem not get resolved then then will take the laptop in service center or replace your laptop with a new one within few days.

What is covered under an onsite warranty?

In Onsite warranty all your Software related issues, Manufacturing defects and Hardware issue due to internal cause are covered in this warranty.

You will get the free replacement of parts which are not working properly or damaged due to internal cause or failure. Battery replacement for 6 months are also included in onsite warranty.

Onsite warranty doesn’t cover any physical damage and accidental damage to your laptop. So, if you broke your screen or spilled water on your laptop, it won’t be covered in offsite warranty.

What is onsite and offsite warranty means?

onsite vs offsite warranty

Offsite warranty or carry in warranty means you will have to take your defective item to the service center to get it repaired or replaced.

In onsite warranty vs carry in warranty people choose onsite warranty because they will not have to visit service center and their laptop get reppaired at home. 

Onsite WarrantyOffsite Warranty
A technician visit your home to repair your faulty laptop.You will have to visit your nearest Brand service center for repair.
Laptop get repaired within 3-4 days after registration of online compalin.If there is minor issue laptop get repaired hand to hand if major than 2-7 days.
If your are from rural area then onsite is not much effective.No such issue in Offsite warranty you will equally treated.
Not need to look for service centerFirst you have to search for nearest service center.
Does not cover Physical damageAlso does not cover physical damage.

What are the benefits of having onsite warranty?

  • No need to visit service center to get repair your laptop.
  • Take less time if there is software problem they resolve it remotely in major problem takes 3-4 days.
  • All your laptop parts get replaced or repaired at your door step in your vision. Good support with peace of mind satisfaction. 

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