What Is An Anti-Ghosting Keyboard? Why Best For Gamers

I decided to purchase a gaming keyboard for my gameplay. Then I asked my friend which is a gamer and he suggest me anti-ghosting keyboard. I hear this term for the first time and think why Anti-ghosting keyboard is important for gaming. Then I searched over the internet and reads many articles and get my answer on what is an anti-ghost keyboard.

In this, I will share all information about the anti-ghost keyboard and let you know its importance of it for a gamer. I will also tell you how to test a keyboard to know whether your gaming laptop has a ghosting keyboard or an anti-ghosting keyboard.

What is an anti-ghosting keyboard? Anti-ghosting meaning

what is an anti-ghosting keyboard

Ghosting is the name given to the phenomenon where multiple keys are pressed at the same time and only one key is registered by the computer. An anti-ghosting keyboard is a keyboard that helps to prevent missed keystrokes and errors.

The anti-ghosting technology ensures that each key is registered when it is pressed, regardless of how many other keys are being pressed at the same time.

This can be a problem for gamers who need to press multiple buttons simultaneously in order to perform certain moves. Anti-ghosting keyboards are designed to help prevent this from happening by registering every keypress no matter how many keys are pressed at once.

Ghosting and anti-ghosting keyboards

Ghosting and anti-ghosting keyboards are two different types of keyboards that are commonly used in personal computers. Ghosting occurs when too many keys are pressed at once and the keyboard can’t keep up, resulting in missed keystrokes. Anti-ghosting keyboards are designed to prevent this problem from occurring.

A ghosting keyboard is a keyboard in which some of the keys don’t work when multiple keys are pressed at the same time. For example, if you hold down the “A” and “S” keys on a ghosting keyboard, neither of those keys will register.

Anti-ghosting keyboards are a recent trend in the computer world. They allow people to type without fear of missing a keystroke, as the keyboard will keep track of which keys have been hit and not allow the user to type incorrectly. These keyboards are very helpful for gamers because they have to use multiple keys at a time.

Why do you need an anti-ghosting keyboard?

anti-ghosting keyboard

Keyboards without anti-ghosting have a limit on the number of keys you can press at the same time. For example, if you are playing an FPS game and you need to press 5 buttons at the same time then your keyboard is not going to support that.

Anti-ghosting keyboards provide you with fast and accurate keystrokes. When you press the same key multiple times in rapid succession, the keyboard will only register the first press of that key.

Why do we need an anti-ghosting keyboard for gaming?

Anti-ghostings is a must-required feature for gaming keyboards nowadays. Gamers use a lot of different actions during the game, such as moving, attacking, shooting, and jumping. If you are a gamer, you know that it is very important to save time when moving by pressing multiple keys at a time. This means that the accuracy of your actions and the speed at which you move is very important.

An anti-ghosting keyboard will make your gaming experience more enjoyable by preventing ghosting and saving your time. These gaming keyboards reduce the chances of a player being killed by a glitch in the game because they will not be able to input multiple commands at once. 

If you are a using a desktop or gaming laptop then the anti-ghosting keyboard is a must because it improves your gameplay and lets you be a professional.

Best Anti-ghosting keyboard for gaming

1. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02


  • 7 color RGB backlight
  • 19 Anti-ghosting keys
  • Easy clean keys with scratch-resistant
  • 1-year warranty

2. HP K500F


  • RGB backlight
  • 26 Anti-ghosting keys
  • Double injection keycaps
  • 3-year warranty

3. Corsair K55 RGB Pro


  • Dynamic RGB backlight
  • Dust & Spill-resistance
  • 6 dedicated macro keys
  • 2-year warranty

Which keyboards have anti-ghosting technology?

anti-ghosting keyboard

With a world of different devices and inputs, finding the right keyboard for your needs can be daunting. Thankfully, many keyboards now have anti-ghosting technology, which prevents multiple keystrokes from being registered at once. This makes it much easier to type quickly and accurately. Some best anti-ghosting keyboards features that fulfill your needs.

Anti-ghosting keyboard test

There have been a lot of talks lately about anti-ghosting keyboards, which is a feature that allows multiple keys to be pressed at once without any unintended consequences. So, in order to find out if this is really a benefit or not, we conducted a simple key-press test.

To check open MS Office and follow below

First, press 5 keys together and see if an error occur or not if not check if the cursor moved fluidly across the screen. Then we tried 6 keys together again if an error occurs showing “this key combination is not valid” then it is not an anti-ghosting keyboard. If there is no error after pressing many keys at a time then it is an Anti-ghosting keyboard.

So while experiment anti-ghosting keyboards do indeed work as promised, it’s important to note that the number of keys you can press simultaneously is limited to 5 or 6.

I have also found another tool that you can quickly check with your keyboard to test anti-ghosting.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about what an anti-ghosting keyboard is. If you have ever read a review or seen a blog post about a keyboard, they often mention this term. There are many keyboards on the market that claim to have anti-ghosting capabilities, but you can’t really tell how true it is until you actually try it out.

This is because an anti-ghosting keyboard is designed with the intention of increasing the accuracy of your typing. An anti-ghosting keyboard uses a different method of how the keys are programmed to register your input. This allows the keyboard to register multiple characters at one time.

We hope this article was helpful in understanding what an anti-ghosting keyboard is! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading, we would love to hear from you! We hope you enjoyed our blog post on what is an anti-ghosting keyboard.

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