Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Ryzen7 5800H Best Gaming Laptop 2022

When it comes to gaming laptops, Lenovo manages to give you the best and at an affordable price. They manage to pack up powerful hardware in a slim chassis, making this laptop one of the best gaming laptop options for the budget-conscious. In this, we will talk about Lenovo Legion 5 Pro gaming laptop.

As we know, Lenovo is one of the top brands in the laptops market, which is offering laptops at every level of the market. From budget level to premium level, you will get the best laptop from the brand. Today we are discussing Lenovo legion 5 pro specification and price in India. This laptop is specially made for gaming purposes. Lenovo gaming laptop is overall good in every aspect and a lightweight gaming laptop by Lenovo.

Even if they don’t have much money to buy a gaming laptop to play the latest game with the help of the latest graphics card. Well if you are one of those people who wants to buy a budget gaming laptop then Lenovo legion 5 Pro RTX 3070 is best.

In this, we will discuss the Lenovo legion 5 pro review and Lenovo legion 5 pro specs which help you in determining, is the best gaming laptop for you or not.

Lenovo legion 5 pro
8GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
6GB GeForce RTX 3060

Lenovo legion 5 pro specification

  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor
  • 1TB SSD drive
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 8GB Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070/ 6GB RTX 3060
  • 16-inch QHD IPS display
  • 2.45 Kg in weight
  • Battery backup up to 6 hours
  • 165 Hz high refresh rate display
  • 2x 2 W HD Stereo speakers
  • 4-zone RBG Backlit keyboard


Legion 5 pro is a very stylish, sleek, and powerful gaming laptop by Lenovo. The laptop is specially designed for gamers but it also can be used for multitasking operations. Lenovo legion 5 pro-2021 is a perfect choice for people who are looking for the ultimate gaming experience. It is powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor which is considered a very powerful processor for a gaming laptop for students and gamers.

Processor features

  • 8 Cores and 16 Threads
  • 16 MB L3 smart Cache memory
  • 3.2 GHz base Frequency with 4.4 GHz max Turbo
  • Ready to handle Heavy games and multitasking


If you are planning on buying a new laptop for gaming, then the amount and type of storage is the most important factor for you. It has a 1 TB SSD drive with a preloaded windows 10 home operating system and Office 2019 Home and students.

An additional NVMe PCIe slot to upgrade storage up to 2 TB. With an SSD, your computer boots up much faster, and you have access to flash drives in minutes.

RAM & Graphics card

It comes with 2 variants one with 8GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 and 6GB RTX 3060 dedicated graphics card with max TGP of 130W. Free-sync and G-sync supported with clock boosts of 1425/1702 MHz. RTX is specially designed for gaming which provides a smooth and superb gaming experience at a higher game resolution

Legion 5 pro gaming laptop comes with 32GB RAM of the system memory which operates on 3200MHz. No extra memory slot to expand RAM max memory support is 32GB.


16 inches QHD IPS technology Dolby vision display with 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution. Super bright display with 500 nits of screen brightness and 3 sided very narrow bezels. Wide quad display with 16:10 aspect ratio and 100% SRBG. Flicker-free 165 HZ high refresh rate display with 3ms response time which provides you a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

Cooling System

Laptops can get very warm and hot very quickly when used for gaming because they consume a lot of power. They have often been slammed for being noisy and having poor battery life.

But the Lenovo legion gaming laptop comes with the latest Cool Front 3.0 technology with a dual-channel exhaust system to maximize air intake and minimize heating. With turbo-charged dual fans and its high-performance cooling technology, the legion Cool Front 3.0 can keep your laptop cool and running for hours.


Your gaming laptop is always running out of battery and you have to plug it everywhere.
Solution: Lenovo legion 5 pro is a high-quality gaming laptop with an 80 Wh long battery life and fast charging.

It provides 4 hours of battery backup on extreme gaming mode and 6 hours on normal usage. Quick charge technology AC adapter which charges the battery from 0-60% in just 30 minutes.

Connecting Ports

  • 4x USB 3.2 Type-A gen-1
  • 2x Gen-1 USB 3.2 Type-C 
  • 1x Headphone/ Mic combo jack 3.5mm
  • 1x HDMI port 2.1
  • 1x Ethernet RJ45


Full-size RGB backlit keyboard with 4 zones strike soft landing technology keys with integrated numeric keypad. RBG lighting Tuf gaming keyboard helps you in smooth gameplay and provides you a premium feel while playing modern games.

Extra fractures of Lenovo legion gaming

 2x 2W HD stereo speakers with Nahimic audio with surround sound and sound tracker. Built-in 720p HD webcam with E-privacy shutter which provides 100% privacy protection.

Integrated dual array microphone for voice, video, audio recording. Blazing Fast Wi-Fi6 (2 x 2) certified and Bluetooth V5.1 for faster, better, and safer connectivity.

8GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
6GB GeForce RTX 3060


We just recently reviewed Lenovo Legion 5 pro specification, and we have told you everything you need to know about this laptop, including its best features! We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the Lenovo Legion 5 pro review.

It’s no secret that Lenovo has some of the best gaming laptops that money can buy but Lenovo Legion 5 pro is one of their best-selling laptops for this reason.

Right now, it is the top-rated gaming laptop on the market and has an amazing price.  Lenovo legion 5 pro review proves it the best in performance and features that make it the ultimate gaming laptop.

It’s not just a gamer tool, it’s also a multimedia powerhouse that can help you be more productive. Also, check out the Asus Tuf Dash F15 RTX 3060 best gaming laptop with the same budget segment.

Please check out this review and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@techamine.com. We hope you enjoy this review and welcome any further discussions or comments you have as well.

FAQ Related to Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Specification

1. Lenovo legion 5 pro Ryzen 7 5800H review

legion 5 pro gaming laptop

We know that gaming laptops can be very expensive and difficult to purchase due to the steep price tag. But Lenovo Legion 5 is best in class gaming laptop for professional gamers and not so much expensive.
It has all the features that a gaming laptop should have. It provides you best in class performance during gameplay. It also has a 165 Hz refresh rate display and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card to enhance your gaming experience.

2. Where to buy Lenovo legion 5 pro 2021?

Lenovo legion 5 pro 2021 is one of the best budget gaming laptops now available in India on Amazon. You can follow this link to buy it from amazon.

3. Is Lenovo legion 5 Pro 2021 worth it?

Yes at this price segment with the latest configuration Lenovo legion 5 having worth it. It is the best demanding gaming laptop nowadays in India. This laptop is specially designed for professional gamers with a High-end configuration. It has the ability to handle all modern games in a high-resolution setting.

Lenovo legion 5 Pro for video editing

It has a High-end configuration so you can use it as a video editing laptop. It provides better performance during video rendering and editing without any hanging issues. It makes your video editing task easy, fast, and uninterrupted

Is Lenovo legion 5 pro Ryzen 7 is good for gaming?

legion 5 pro gaming laptop

Yes, according to the specification of the Lenovo legion 5 pro RTX 3060 we can say that this laptop is specially designed for gamers. With a high-end configuration, you can play all the latest games on it. It provides you a superb and extremely smooth gaming performance.

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