How To Shut Down Laptop Using The Keyboard |6 Best Ways

There are so many methods available on the internet on how to shut down laptops. You can do it by using your mouse/ touchpad or via keyboard using some shortcut keys. In this, we will discuss 6 simple ways to shut down laptop using the keyboard shortcuts.

There are also some options available for a hard shutdown that you can use to power your device off. It’s usually done when the operating system or software functions are not responding.

6 Simple Ways To Shut Down Laptop Using The Keyboard

1. Shut down Windows 10 using the power button

If you’re running Windows 10 on your laptop then you can use the power button to shut down your laptop. The power button can be used for both shutdowns and also for sleep mode.

To Shut down press and hold the power button of your laptop for 4-5 seconds. A lock screen will be dropped down on the screen. Just click and drag the screen to the bottom to make your laptop shut down.

If you want to go to sleep mode just press the power button of your laptop once and your laptop goes into sleep mode.

Slide to shut down your PC in Windows 10

2. Using ALlt + F4 key

This is the shortcut key to shut down the gaming laptop that is mostly used shortcut key to shut down the laptop using the keyboard by users. If you want to shut down your laptop using the Alt + F4 key, follow the steps below.

1. Press the Win + D it will minimize all your folders, files, and tasks you are performing.

2. Press WIn + F4 and a shutdown windows dialog box appear.

shutdown using keyboard

3. Select the shutdown or sleep that you want from the box and press the enter key. You can use the arrow keys of your keyboard to up and down the selection and also make use of the mouse.

3. Using Ctrl + Alt + Del

People typically press the keys Ctrl, Alt, and DEL in order to lock their computers, but you can also use the keystroke, Ctrl + Alt + DEL, to shut down your computer instantly. Simply click on all of the keys simultaneously, and a dialog box will appear.

shutdown using keyboard

A variety of options is available in this dialog box, such as changing users, locking, signing out, and a task manager.

For shut down look at the bottom-right corner of your screen, you see a power icon. Now click on the power icon it will pop up with the power option. Now select the shut down and press the Enter key to make your laptop power off.

4. Using Win + X key combination to shut down the laptop

This combination of keys is a shortcut to the Power User Menu. The Power User Menu has a bundle of choices including the Task Manager, Computer Management, and the option to Shut down. To use this shortcut, follow the steps.

1. Press the Win + X key from the keyboard at a time.

2. Power user menu dialog box will appear in the left-side corner.

shutdown laptop using win x

3. Press the U key to expand the shutdown or logout section of the power user menu.

4. Press the U key again to shut down the laptop /PC. You can also use arrow keys to up and down for selection.

5. Shut down or restart Windows 10 using the Shutdown command

It is also an easy method to shut down your laptop/pc using the command in windows 10. To execute this method from a command prompt follow these steps:-

1.  Press the win key and type run or simply press the Win + R to open the run dialog box.

2. Type the command to shut down  “shutdown / s” ( write excluding quotes) and press the enter on your keyboard.

shutdown using CMD

3. “S” in command stands for the time you can also give time in seconds to shut down the laptop according to your time. Like I want to shut down my laptop after 10 minutes then I type “shutdown /600” and the system will shut down after 10 minutes automatically.

6. Make Your Own Shortcut

You don’t need to know of the Windows 10 shutdown shortcut to make it work but you can create one. You can configure your own launcher shortcuts or key combination shortcut on Windows 10.

You can program your own system shortcuts for the Windows 10 system. You can either create a shortcut key for any specific task like shutdown, or restart and also for the Windows software of your choice.

creating shutdown shortcut
  1. Right-click on the space on your desktop and create a new shortcut option by going to the new option.
  2. Then, enter the text  shutdown.exe -s -t 00 -f, followed by runningdll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState 0,1,0  for shutting down or sleep, respectively.
  3. Then, click Next, enter your shortcut name, and then click Finish. Now your shortcut is finished, so assign a specific key combination to your work. 
  4. In order to do this, right-click on the new shortcut and select Properties from the menu dialog box.
  5. There will be a shortcut tab at the top of the menu bar click on it. Now use a unique combination of keys to create a shutdown shortcut.

When done, click on OK. You can delete this shortcut later on if you do not want it. To do this, follow these steps, you can easily make a shortcut that triggers the shutdown process.

7. Using The “What Happens When I Close The Lid” Option 

There are many laptop users who do not turn off the laptop or put it to sleep they just close the Lid of the laptop. Are you aware of what happens to the laptop when you close your laptop lid? Are you aware You can also integrate the shut function with your laptop lid?

In the default case, the laptop goes to sleep mode when you close the lid of your laptop.  Did you know there is an option available to change the function of what happens when you close your laptop lid. You can set it to sleep, hibernate or shutdown what you like the most.

laptop lid close option

Steps to change the function of the laptop’s lid

  • Click the Windows key and go to the control panel option. 
  • Select the hardware and sound option and then click on the power option
  • From the left side menu click on “Choose what closing the lid does“.
  • You will see 3 options available in this dialog box. Choose “When I close the lid option“.
  • From the down menu choose shutdown in both the options On battery/ Plugged in.
  • Click on save changes and make a try by closing the laptop lid.
  • Don’t choose the ” Do nothing ” option because when you close the laptop lid the system hardware is in the working form and the laptop Overheats.
when i close the lid

8. How to set the shutdown timer

To set a shutdown timer on your laptop, you can use the shutdown command in the command prompt or terminal. The basic syntax for the command is as follows

This will set a timer for a specified number of seconds, after which the laptop will automatically shut down. For example, to set a shutdown timer for one hour (3600 seconds), you would use the following command.

You can also specify a specific time for the shutdown to occur, rather than a timer. To do this, use the -c option to specify a message, and the -f option to force any open programs to close. The syntax for this is as follows:

For example, to shut down your laptop in 30 minutes, you would use the following command:

After you have entered the command, you will see a message indicating that the shutdown timer has been set. You can cancel the shutdown at any time by using the shutdown -a command.


How do I force my laptop to shut down?

You can use the power button to shut down your laptop forcefully. Press the power button for 5-10 seconds and your laptop shut down forcefully. 
Don’t use forcefully turns off because it may corrupt your data as well as the operating system.

How do you restart a laptop when it’s hanged?

If your laptop gets hanged It’s very easy to restart a laptop. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del button at once from your keyboard it will take you to the Task Manager screen.
On the bottom right side, you see a power button. Click on the power button and select the restart option and click on it, then your laptop gets restarted.

Does force shutdown damage the laptop?

Yes, force shutdown damage can damage your laptop.  Shutting down forcely will not cause any harm to the laptop hardware. But it can damage your data and operating system files. 
I hardly recommend not to shutdown forcibly every time use it only when your system hangs or does not respond.

Does sleep mode damage your computer?

Sleep mode does not cause any harm to your laptop because in sleep mode laptop stops all actions. The open documents and apps are moved to the system memory (RAM) and the laptop goes to a low-power state.
If you use your laptop after a long time then don’t put your laptop in sleep mode… 


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