How To Reset Oneplus Buds Z2 | Connection Issue

There are many complaints about OnePlus Buds Z2 not connecting or connection loss after some time or one bud is not connecting. They are asking about how to reset one plus buds so they can resolve this problem. We have shared some easy steps on how to reset oneplus buds z2.

The OnePlus Buds Z2 is the latest budget wireless earphones in the market. It is in the demand due to many interesting features and premium build quality. It is made of hard glossy plastic with silicon ear tips that provide an attractive look.

It has 11mm drivers with Dolby Atmos which provides quality sound with bass. Triple microphone per buds and active noise cancellation feature that provide quality calls indoor as well as outdoor.

IPX 5 is rated Sweet, dust, and water-resistant which protects from accidental exposure of water. It also has the latest Bluetooth v5.2 which provides faster and more stable connectivity.

With a battery backup of 38 hours, you can enjoy the music all day around without any battery issues. Quick charge features just 10 minutes of charge lets you enjoy music for upto 10 hours. Pro gaming mode with ultra-low latency of 94 ms makes it the best earbuds for gaming

oneplus buds z2

How do I reset my OnePlus buds Z2? Simple steps to factory reset oneplus buds

how to reset oneplus buds z2
  • Disconnect your earbuds from the connected device.
  • Place your both earbuds carefully into the charging case.
  • Make sure to keep the case lid open.
  • Look for the small reset button on the front side of the case.
  • Press the multifunction/reset button and hold it for roughly 10 seconds.
  • Release the reset button when a red light starts flashing.
  • Red light flashing shows the reset is in progress and takes some time to reset.
  • When resets are completed a white light flashes.
  • Reset process completed take the buds out and connect it you will find your problem got resolved.

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How To Connect Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z2 To Laptop

1. Firstly switch OFF Bluetooth on the mobile device.

2. Switch OFF earbuds and start It again.

3. Also restart the PC or laptop.

4. Open Bluetooth Devices as shown in the screenshot below:


5. Switch ON oneplus buds.

6. Search for the device by clicking on Add Bluetooth to other devices.

7. Select the earbuds and click on connect. 


8. Once connected you can enjoy the music.

My Oneplus buds are not working.

First of all ensures that, is earbuds have sufficient power? Open the charging box and make sure the indicator is on. If the indicator is not on also the earphones cannot be turned on.

Insert the charger cable and charge the earphones box for a time. Open the charging box to restore the headphones to charge. If still not working then try the reset oneplus buds Z2 by following the given above steps.

If the problem didn’t get resolved visit the service center to get the best solution.

How to connect One Plus buds with android mobile?

Connected earbuds to a mobile device are very easy just follow some simple steps to connect your oneplus buds to your mobile.

1. If you want to connect the buds to a mobile turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile and search for the active device.

2. Turn on the earphone bud and let the mobile automatically detect the active Bluetooth device.

3. You will see a list of device that is active at that time.

4. Tab to one plus buds to connect and the device gets connected automatically.

Now buds get connected with mobile, enjoy the music or calls whatever you want. You can follow the same steps for connecting to any android devices

Features of One Plus Buds Z2

  • 3-MIC ENC Call Noise Reduction Up to 40 dB noise cancelling
  • 11mm dynamic drivers with Dolby Atmos support
  • 38 hours of music and a quick fast charging of 10 minutes for 5 hours of playtime.
  • IP55 Water & Sweat Resistance
  • Bluetooth V5.2 Connectivity

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